Designer vacancy

The work does not involve drawing pictures for beauty. That is, the artist is not needed. The work also does not imply blind adherence to generally accepted laws and known algorithms. That is, the robot is also not needed. But work involves getting pleasure from creating a meaningful thing that someone will really use. That is, you need a designer. Also, the job suggests that it interests you more than your dreadlocks, piercings and plans for the evening.
Minimum Requirements
Good long-term memory.
Attention to detail.
Interest in the world around.
Shilo in the ass.
Primary requirements
The absence of stereotypes or the ability to quickly and painlessly say goodbye to them. Proficiency in written English or the ability to learn it quickly. Knowledge of the keyboard and hotkeys of favorite programs or the ability to quickly memorize and use. Knowledge of equipment (alpha channels, eight bits, zipeg, blah blah blah) or the ability to quickly master it. Love for literature or hatred for it.
Optional but welcome
Knowledge of English.
Ability to draw with hands.
Lack of higher education.
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