Country Villa (Fazenda)

The interior of this country house, created by our studio in collaboration with "GEMBA", against the background of the dominant neoclassical style, absorbed elements of different styles, which predetermined the individuality and originality of this mansion.

Here you can find pure French classics, modern, some rooms carry elements of modern art deco, conservatism and even ethnic style. Special mention deserves a two-level spacious hall with a luxurious bend of an elegant staircase, a black glossy grand piano and comfortable armchairs.

Despite the abundance of luxury in the interiors of the house, this is not an antique palace, but a lightly decorated country villa filled with air and light. The house has everything you need for a happy family life: an office, a billiard room, a wine cellar, a cinema hall, a gym, a swimming pool, a hammam, a sauna.

Architect: Askar Siitov
Designer: Olesya V. Bekzat A., Sarsen S.
Style: neo-classic, modern
Developer: LLP "Etnomura", LLP "Gemba"
Completed works: Development of an architectural project, development of a design project, construction and installation works, architectural supervision.
Total land area: 2.1 Ha
Total area of the object: 1900 m2
Number of floors: 4 floors.
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