Office building Rozybakiev Project

The design of the nine-story office building "Rozybakiev Project" in Almaty is made in a warm minimalist style. Clean lines, warm natural colors of finishes create a comfortable working atmosphere.

The light working area of the reception stands out in contrast in the darker colors of the interior of the waiting area and corridors, creating a bright spot of color. A beautiful panoramic view of the city will open from the windows of the upper floors of the building, as one of its sides has continuous glazing. The open terrace of the second floor is occupied by a summer cafe, the basement floor of the building and the area in front of it are reserved for parking.

"Rozybakiev Project" is an intelligent intellectual workspace, a new, modern level of the working environment.

Architect: Askar Siitov
Style: Modern
Developer: LLP "Etnomura"
Completed works: Development of an architectural project.
Total land area: 6 acres
Total area of the object: 1800 m2
Number of floors: 9 floors.
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