Competition project Park Inn - a hotel with apartments.

The draft project of a hotel with apartments in Astana was designed to combine in its concept the European comfort of the hotels of this chain with a characteristic oriental flavor. On the one hand, our project embodies all the elegance of the East in style - arched openings, towers and columns crowned with oriental domes, an abundance of carved elements of the facade, and on the other, all the benefits of civilization.

According to the idea of our architects, the facade should be lined with Etnomura fiber-reinforced concrete panels. The innovative synthesis of concrete and fiberglass, as well as the original production technology, create a facade material that is unique in its strength, refractory and aesthetic properties.

Architect: Sarsen Siitov, Bekzat Amanzhol
Style: Oriental and classic eclectic
Developer: Basis A LLP
Completed works: Development of an architectural project.
Total land area: 2.1 Ha
Total area of the object: 2800 m2
Number of floors: 11 floors.
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