Erwin Sattler

In December 2015, the Erwin Sattler brand entered the Kazakhstan market. The first watch store of the German brand has opened in Almaty - in the jewelry gallery Esentai Mall. German manufacturers say that their Kazakh partners feel the brand's philosophy very well. The brand owners have no doubts about the success and popularity of Erwin Sattler in Kazakhstan.

For the boutique, fiber-reinforced concrete - GRC interior panels were made, from Etnomura

GRC Interior Concrete Panels are large-format concrete wall panels whose strength is reinforced by fiberglass penetrating the concrete.

Interior fiber-reinforced concrete panels GRC are designed for interior decoration of rooms, walls and ceilings. GRC concrete panels, due to their universal characteristics, can well combine interior interior areas and facade cladding in one project. GRC interior panels have an original personality, their aesthetic is designed in industrial and minimalist styles.
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